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Alyssa Staggs
This is Alyssa Stagg's first year of journalism at Faith. She took journalism because she loves to write stories and give news to others around. Alyssa is in seventh grade right now.

Alyssa Staggs, Writer

May 30, 2015
The library summer reading challenge now open (Story)
May 04, 2015
Old classics “come back to life” (Story)
Mar 24, 2015
Chapel’s praise band will sing and play to the Lord (Story)
Mar 01, 2015
Gum making its way under tables and chairs (Story)
Jan 31, 2015
How teachers feel about girls playing with their hair during class (Story)
Dec 08, 2014
Author Mike Graf to lead writing workshops for sixth grade students (Story)
Oct 21, 2014
Service opportunity available for students (Story)
Alyssa Staggs