Faith Lutheran creates first middle school swim season with new coach, Tish Carroll


Tish Carroll

Coach Carroll teaches the students how to swim better during one of thier meets at Adelson Educational Campus. This year is Faith Lutheran’s very first year having a middle school swim team/season.

Jared Nigro, Editor

New sixth grade teacher Tish Carroll will coach Faith Lutheran’s very first swim season. The season began on November 4, and will conclude on December 10.

“It is one of our shorter middle school athletic seasons,” said Ben Ersland, Middle School Athletic Director.

Faith Lutheran decided to create a swim team for middle school students because they now have a qualified swim coach and access to a pool. Faith Lutheran Middle School has never actually had an official swim team. Before, the school had individual meets but no practices or an official season.

Carroll has had many past experiences with swimming and coaching.

“I swam a lot in college, and have coached previously for swim, so I know much about it.”

Carroll is also very excited and enthusiastic about the swim season because,”we have never had an actual swim team before, so it’s going to be a lot of fun and a blast to have the students swim better.”

Students including seventh grader Xavier Covarrubias, who also writes for the MS Crusader, are also very anxious for this year’s swim season.

I’m very excited for Faith’s Swim season because it will help me improve my abilities and make new friends.”

Eighth grader Brayden Guedry agrees that swimming can be really exciting.

“Swimming is just a great way for someone to get lots of exercise and have fun.”

Swimming is very popular this year because there have been almost 50 kids participating.

All of the swim practices are held at Adelson Educational Campus. Adelson has held meets and practices for many years. Faith will be having swim meets at Adelson because their is a swimming pool, which most schools don’t have.

Faith Lutheran has been competing against other schools in the Red Rock Athletic Conference.

Carroll hopes that the team can perform well and represent Faith Lutheran.

“I’m really glad to have this season so the students can swim to the best of their ability and represent our school,” said Carroll.

Carroll also hopes that Faith can win the Conference Championship, but still have an enjoyable season while doing it.

“It’s going to be really fun.”

The team won both the team scores in men’s and women’s events. Carroll is proud of the growth that the team has had since they first started.

Ersland agrees with her but he also likes how the students represent his school.

“We are just excited to have a lot of kids represent our middle school,” Ersland said.


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