Faith Lutheran plans to grow the campus over the course of 20 years

Hannah Lungaard, Staff Writer

This school year, Faith Lutheran’s Board of Directors made preliminary plans for various construction projects to help grow Faith’s campus and to complete the master plan.

The first phase starts Feburary, 2015. Faith Lutheran will build six new classrooms and three more restrooms. This new addition to Faith’s campus will make it possible to welcome more students to Faith Lutheran. This phase also includes the development of a master plan for Faith’s new and improved campus.

Homestretch Drive is a big part of this plan. Dr. Steve Buuck, Faith Lutheran’s CEO, is in the process of trying to move Homestretch Dr. Many complications go along with this process such as Clark County owning apart of the road and Las Vegas owning a separate part of the road. The neighbors from around the area might disagree about the moving, so these are major factors.

Buuck explains the complications that comes with moving a road,

“Moving a road is not easy. The city has to agree to it. The county has to agree to it. The neighbors have to agree to it and so we are just in the very early stages of trying to get the right meeting with the right people to see if that could be a possibility.” said Buuck.

Eighth grader Alexi Johnson is excited about the not to distant addition to our campus.

“I would like a bigger campus because then we get an aquatic center, but we would have to have more time to get to classes because it would be a really big campus” said Johnson.

Seventh grader,Michael Rice, likes the idea of moving Homestrech “ I would like a bigger campus because it makes more things to do for our school and all the people in it have more places to go.” said Rice.

If this plan is approved, there would be no formal groundbreaking.

However, this project costs a large amount of money. It would take over 1 million dollars just to move the road. The project finances will include fundraising some money, borrowing some money and having some money saved in the Faith Lutheran savings.

Buuck thinks moving Homestretch will benefit the whole school,

“I would prefer to move Homestretch. I think it will be better for student safety to not have them crossing a road and certainly just to have one large 49 acre campus would make more sense than having a road running through it.” said Buuck

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