Niki Lee: An Inspirational Young Dancer

Caroline Hsu, Editor

Lee shows off her tilt, a move that involves performing a vertical standing split. A tilt requires extreme dedication.
Niki Lee
Lee shows off her tilt, a move that involves performing a vertical standing split. A tilt requires extreme dedication.

When Faith Lutheran’s middle school dancers get asked about eighth grader Niki Lee, they offer up a whirlwind of praise.

“Niki Lee is an amazing dancer,” said eighth grader Haley Lilla.

“She’s good at everything she does,” said eighth grader Ali Weiss.

Other members tell how Lee portrays as a good example a great captain.

“[She] is a really good dance captain, and she knows all the good dances, helps everyone out, and she’s a really great dancer,” said seventh grader Kendal Owens, who also writes for the “MS Crusader”.

“She’s the best dancer on the team, so it makes sense that she’s captain,” stated eighth grader Maddie May.

Lee started her career as a dancer when she turned two, and her ability as a dancer blossomed ever since.

“I’ve been competing since I was five, and we go to competitions every year, along with my dance team,” said Lee.  “A lot of my dances have won first overall at Silver Dance Competitions.”

Silver Dance Competitions usually have large pools of competitors with several age group categories and include several dance studios.

Lee dedicates time to dance on a daily basis, and she takes several classes to continue to improve by practicing roughly twenty hours a week.

“I take acro, lyrical, jazz, tap, hip-hop; pretty much everything,” said Lee.

When she chose to focus on dance, she sacrificed other things to make time for it.

“She dances like five hours every day, she has no other time for anything else,” said Lee’s younger brother, seventh grader Josh Lee. “She used to do cheer at the same time, and had to cut it out because she chose dance over it.”

Lee gets inspired from several sources, including those around her.

“I have a lot of different dance inspirations. One of them is Sophia Lucia, and all my dance teachers inspire me.”

While Lee gets her inspiration from her teachers, her team members get their inspiration from her.

“She inspires me to always do better, and to always try my best,” said May.

“Everyday, when you see her, you want to say, ‘Oh, that looks cool, I’m gonna try hard, I’ll be up to that,” said seventh grader Heather Bormann.

Lee also inspires members to never give up.

“If I fall or can’t get to something, she inspires me to keep trying,” said former dance team member, seventh grader Gianna Leone.

Lee sees herself taking dance into her future.

“I plan on running my mom’s studio, The Dance Factor, after she retires,” said Lee.

Lee also looks forward to the challenge of working with more advanced dancers, and bringing her talent up to the level of her new teammates when she enters high school.

“Being an eighth grader and the oldest, to now being a freshmen in high school, I know I’m not going to be the best, [and] I’m going to have to work really hard to keep up with the other dancers, and not really be a leader so much,” said Lee, “… but I’m ready to do it.”

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