New Snack Shack on the road to success


Students enjoying their after schoool snacks at the Snack Shack. The snack shack sells many foods that students would put at the sides of their lunches.

Brandon Roberts, Editor

Located in the Crusader Competition Center, Faith’s new concession stand, the Snack Shack, added and took away many students’ favorite foods. The snack shack opens after school ends, allowing students to come after school and sooth their hunger.

During the construction of the Crusader Competition Center, the build team had to tear down the old snack shack.

Instead of staying, the people who operated the old Snack Shack willingly left, and said they would only operate at football games.

“Right before football season started, the company that was going to run concessions told the school they were leaving. They would help out at the football field and that was it.” Director of Facilities Mr. Gary Daning said via email.

After the old workers left, the cafeteria staff took over as the new Snack Shack workers. Now, they operate the cafeteria during school hours and the Snack Shack after school hours.

“The company that operates the cafeteria agreed to take over on literally one week’s notice.” Daning said via email.

The cafeteria and the Snack Shack serve the same things that students normally put on the sides of their lunches. The items from the cafeteria get transported to the Snack Shack as needed for after school purposes. The school has the permits to operate in the cafeteria, but not in the Snack Shack area.

To operate in the Snack Shack area, the school must obtain permits that state that the school can operate things like fryers and grills in that area. They must make sure all of the fumes leave the building so students and workers can breath safely.

“There is equipment ordered which will allow us to serve hot food, but new permits and licenses need to be changed,” Daning said via email.” All this will be ready before basketball season begins.”

The workers at the Snack Shack find it quite easy to operate smoothly without any delay. With the new fingerprint scanning system and the option to pay cash, students can quickly get what they want and pay in less than five to ten minutes.

“They have fingerprint scanners now, and I think that’s a lot better than handing money because I don’t always carry money,” said eighth grader Daniel O’Connell.

Some students also have some problems with the Snack Shack.

“I do not really like the fingerprint scanner,” said eighth grader Jacob Walo. “I think they should just stick to cash.”

Still, most students believe the Snack Shack remains convenient after the construction. From the placing in the gym, to the optional payment between money and the fingerprint scanner which charges to the student’s account. Athletes favor the snack shack because of the convenience of getting their snacks after a hard day of practice or tournaments.