Pros come to help improve fine arts

Gavin Steck, Staff Writer

During this school year, over 25 professionals in various fields have come to the faith campus to help enhance the fine arts. These professionals tutor the students for $45 an hour.

The professionals range from acting coaches to piano teachers. One acting professional who is helping the arts is Stephanie Bear who had the lead in a musical that won the best in the state, the musical The Drowsy Chaperone. Bear is now a professional voice teacher and is one of the 25 professionals who helps tutor the students.

Some of the places that the professionals specialize are dance and acting. One of the professionals who is helping us is even a director. These professionals give the students an amazing opportunity to get better.

The professionals have gone through an application process and have been selected by the teachers at faith. These professionals have dedicated their life to this field, and they are helping the faith students get better.

“We have the largest group of professionals in the instrumental arts where we have instructors in almost any instrument.” said the Dean of Fine Arts Mrs. Emily Ball through email.

Many Students are scheduling lessons after school to enhance their skill in a specific field. The lessons take place at school. The students are charged $45 an hour and $22.50 per half hour.

“The money pays for the professionals time.” Said Ball. The students pay the professionals through their tuition accounts.

One student who has been introduced to this opportunity and has accepted it is 7th grader Daniel Antoninto. He was introduced to the opportunity by Mr. Russman. Antoninto is currently taught by Mr. Russman. “This gives me a chance to improve with the drums and other percussions.” said Antoninto.

“We brought in professionals so the students get the chance to improve their art, whether it be dance, voice, acting, or playing an instrument. To find professionals is really challenging,” said Ball.

“Each of the teachers at Faith find professionals through their contacts they have in the community. They are interviewed, background checked, and hired.” Said Ball. Another reason for bringing in the pros is to get students one on one time with a professional in the field is an amazing opportunity for the students to grow in their feild.

PDF of article can be viewed here: prosfessionals for arts