Administration allows students to wear sweatpants for Spirit Days


Athena Brown

The Shield displays the sweatpants in the window for all to see. Along with the sweatpants, they show hats, sweatpants and scarves.

Athena Brown, Staff Writer

In the beginning of the 2014 school year, Faith Lutheran students got the privilege of wearing sweatpants every Friday for spirit days. This allows students have a bigger variety of what they can wear on Fridays. Students can not wear sweatpants other than Faith Lutheran sweats.

According to Middle School Principal Ms. Sarah Heislen, Faith decided to change spirit day guidelines after employees at the Shield came to her and suggested the idea to let students wear sweats once a month.

“We thought that students would forget which Friday of the month it was, so we decided to just let them wear it every Friday,” said Heislen.

Some students like the new rule.

Isabella Crea, seventh grader, said she likes the new rule because, “sweatpants are comfortable.”

The Shield sold sweatpants prior to students actually being able to wear them. Some students had not thought of wearing sweats to school before they made the change this year.

“I never thought of it, but now that I have an idea in my head I wished they made the change a long time ago,” said Crea.

Teachers have their own opinions too.

“I think the idea of sweatpants on Friday is fine since sweats are so comfortable, and who doesn’t want to be comfortable,” said Miss Joanne Krafft.

The change does not benefit the teachers as much as it does the students.

“This change benefits me because its more comfortable, and they are super cute,” said seventh grader Isabella Nigro. She said that she doesn’t have a pair yet, but she will “definitely getting some for Christmas.”

Now that students are able to wear sweats to school, Tiffany Kaico, the assistant manager of the Shield, said that the sweatpants have increased sales greatly. She said that in the future, they will add to the collection of sweatpants.

This change allows students to wear different pants on Fridays. Students got this privilege and will get in trouble if they abuse it. Some teachers trust the kids.

“I don’t think this will be abused anymore than any other dress code,” said Krafft.

Students can purchase a pair of sweatpants at The Shield for  prices ranging from $30-$45 depending on the product.

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