Author Mike Graf to lead writing workshops for sixth grade students


Mike Graf signing books when he visited on November 13. Students are going to get the chance to write their own book in January.

Alyssa Staggs, Staff Writer

Author Mike Graf came to Faith Lutheran November thirteenth and will visit again January sixth through the fourteenth. Sixth grade students will learn about realistic fiction books and how to write one themselves.

Sixth graders will then have the experience of writing their own stories. These stories will be shared in a big booklet for the whole class to read. All of these stories will be realistic fiction which means something that can possibly happen.

“My favorite genre growing up was always realistic fiction, so I love to write it,” said Graf.

Graf loves science and was once an elementary teacher. He loves science because he was once a weatherman. Graf also writes for many other national event for fun.

“I also write brochures for some of the national parks that I go to and visit,” said Graf. “I also make science kits.”

Graf has over fifty books published. Graf has written “The Eye of the Whale: Adventures with the Parkers- Acadia N.P”,”Going Underground: Mount Rushmore, Badlands, Wildcaves, and Harrowing”,” Ascents of Half Dome: Adventures with the Parkers- Yosemite National Park.” Students can find more books by visiting

When Mike Graf came out on November 13, he talked to sixth graders about realistic fiction books and how he personally creates books. He also read a part of one book that he has written and told how it related to himself and his experiences.

When Graf comes in January, he will help students write their own stories that could actually happen in real life with a touch of fiction. Some students really liked this expeeriance.

“I liked that experience because he showed how to write a story properly,” said seventh grader, Annisa Seifzad.

Sixth graders looking forward to writing a real story.

“I really want to write a real story, I think it will be really fun,” said sixth grader, Hannah Propst.

Graf teaches students various things involved in story writing.

“He teaches them to do a good introduction and how to leave a reader hanging at the end of each chapter,” said Mrs. Bowline.

Graf really likes to visit Faith Lutheran because of its spirit and its participation.

“Faith sets a really great example for many others, and are also very patient and proper,” said Graf.