Faith Lutheran’s White Christmas takes the stage in December


Photo by Grace Parker

Faith students Harrison and Jackson Langford rehearse for the musical. The scene they preform opens the Christmas show.

Grace Parker, Staff Writer

On December fifth through the fourteenth, Faith Lutheran Theater Company will present “White Christmas” to kick off the holiday season.

When veterans Bob Wallace and Phil Davis arrive home from World War II, romance is in the air when they come upon to dancing and singing sisters.

Harrison Langford, senior, chose to audition because he wanted to be a part of something special.

“It is a classic, and it is one of my favorites,” said Langford.

Students express their excitement about the show also. Talina Hajar, seventh grader, looks forward to the performance.

“I’m really excited because of the students who are in it.” said Hajar. “I am looking forward to the singing and listening to their voices.”

The show is filled with well known songs like, “Sisters,” “Snow,” and of course “White Christmas.” The show also contains several types of choreography.

Christine Harper, one of the two choreographers for the show, thinks the choreography is the most difficult Faith Lutheran has ever experienced.

“Dancers are required to tap dance, jazz dance, ballroom dance, and even learn choreography on skates,” said Harper through email.

The production will contain unexpected twists and turns, different from the 1954 film.

“We have enhanced the show by adding elements that not even the Broadway show used, and there are lots of surprises!” Said Harper.

Langford, who plays Bob Wallace, thinks the show will turn out to be “one of the best.”

“The rehearsals are going great. We are pretty much done with the entire show and it will turn out to be one of the best Faith has ever done,” said Langford. For the students,  faculty, and the general public looking to find a way to start off the holiday season,  tickets can be purchased at For adults, the tickets cost twenty dollars. For seniors, it costs sixteen dollars. For students and alumni, it cost ten dollars. Performances will be on the fifth and sixth at seven P.M. and on the seventh, it will be at four P.M. Times will match the next weekend as well. The performance will take place in the CPAC.

Erik Ball, the director of the show, could not be interviewed because of rehearsal schedules.

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