Faith Lutheran holds Christmas Concert for families


Photo courtesy o Jordan Pulse

Faith Lutheran’s middle school choir practicing for the concert on December eleventh. They are all practicing the three songs they will be performing.

Kylie Pike, Staff Writer

Faith Lutheran Middle School and High School will present Christmas concerts on December ninth for middle school, and December eleventh for high school to give Faith Lutheran’s families a show for Christmas.

The concert will consist of a performance by Faith Lutheran’s choir, orchestra, and band taught by teachers Mr. Daniel Zeigner, Mrs. Sandra Youmans, and Mr. Phil Schlicker.

Students dedicate their time and effort to practice for this Christmas concert. Youman’s choir and handbells class, Zeigner’s orchestra class, and Schlicker’s band class have all practiced during their class periods for the concert since early October.

The middle school concert will include a performance by seventh and eighth graders, who practice very hard and give their best effort.

“I think this show is going to be super fun because I like all of the songs,” said seventh grader Evelyn Rossman. However, Rossman shares some challenges for such an important event like, “hitting the right notes.”

Faith Lutheran holds this concert every year. This show is like a tradition for the school.

Faith Lutheran’s Christmas concert is special because since Faith is a Christian school their Christmas concert shows the true meaning of this holiday.

“Unlike public schools,” said Mrs. Youmans, “the school is allowed to share the word about Christ and the true meaning of Christmas.”

This year during the Christmas concert as an ending song they are going to sing Silent Night and ask the audience to stand and sing with them.

If anyone is interested in coming to the Christmas concert, families will not need to buy tickets; they will just to come at seven o’ clock on December ninth or December eleventh to the CPAC. There will be refreshments afterwards and Faith Lutheran hopes to see many people there.

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