Join Cupcake club, get ready to have fun, and prepare to compete in competitions!


Matthew Huckabay

Cupcake Club’s first meeting after school. Mrs. Vartouhi Asherian and her daughter Naree Asherian, help out members in Cupcake Club.

Matthew Huckabay, Staff Writer

Middle school girls and boys can join Cupcake Club. Cupcake Club’s advisers wants to have as much fun as possible with the members that have already signed up, while making delicious cupcakes.

Seventh grade English teacher, Mrs. Rosemarie Collins, and Broadcast Journalism teacher, Mrs. Candice Gravitt started Cupcake Club. Any middle school girl or boy that attends or does not attend a club or sport can join Cupcake Club.

This year, Mrs. Vartouhi Asherian and her daughter, eighth grader Naree Asherian help at the Cupcake club meetings. The Asherians help all the members and newcomers get used to the surroundings and help students make cupcakes.

Middle school girls can join Cupcake Club even if they have not signed up yet. Cupcake Club is still accepting new members. Middle school boys, that would like to join cupcake club can if they want. However, Gravitt misses boys that would join just because they get to act silly and have fun.

“I  would like to see some boys again,” said Gravitt.

In Cupcake Club students can make any flavor of cupcake they want. However most of the girls choose the usual flavors like vanilla, chocolate, and red velvet.

Gravitt and Collins started Cupcake club so kids could have a fun activity to do after school.

“Well, I had a meeting with Mrs. Julie Buuck, and she said that over one hundred kids were not in a club or sport,” Gravitt said.

When Gravitt heard this, she wanted to make something for kids to do after school.

“I just thought of what I loved to do, and I wasn’t really into sports,” said Gravitt. “ I wanted to help girls find a place to come and do something fun.

Gravitt came up with the idea to start a cupcake club for creative kids that don’t belong to a club. Cupcake Club’s advisors want members to have fun together and work as a team.

“Fellowship and fun with frosting is our motto,” Mrs. Collins said.

Gravitt wants creative students that want to bake cupcakes. Gravitt wants to let students have fun, be creative, and compete.

“Cupcake club is delicious fun with a competitive edge,” Gravitt said.

Members in Cupcake club participate in challenges. The challenges include: best decorated or best tasting. December third, Cupcake club’s first challenge, whoever can make the best tasting cupcake, takes place. In challenges, the students will bake the cupcakes at home and then decorate them at school.  Students make all sorts of different colored cupcakes. Members can make blue cupcakes, red cupcakes, purple cupcakes, and more.

Cupcake club meets in the teacher’s lounge right outside of the cafeteria. Members of the club meet on the first Wednesday of every month.

Currently, at least twenty four girls attend Cupcake Club. Cupcake Club wants creative, active boys and girls.

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