The new Mountain Trail Bike club will get started up in the spring

Trenton May riding his mountain bike.  This is to show what will be happening in the club when they compete.

Photo by Brenda May

Trenton May riding his mountain bike. This is to show what will be happening in the club when they compete.

Xavier Covarrubias, Staff Writer

This Spring, the new Mountain Trail Bike club will have open sign ups, so get ready to ride on.  The new Mountain Trail Bike club was formed by Trenton May, an eleventh grader, because he loves racing downhill mountain bikes.  Right now, they have three officers, Trenton May, Dylan Gagnon and Cameron Cox, all eleventh graders.

“I am advising this club because my son, Trenton May, is the founder of the club.” Brenda May, club advisor, said.

Sixth through twelfth graders who enjoy downhill mountain biking may join the club.  May doesn’t have a schedule of sanctioned meetings yet, but they will be put in the announcements as soon as they do.  Also, the official start date is not set up yet.

May would like members to know how to ride a bike and as many as possible.

“We would also like the members to know how to ride a bike. All levels are welcome, and we will be hosting some skill clinics with the bike shop in the spring. The more the merrier!” said May through email.

May is currently working with Las Vegas Cyclery, which is located at 215 and Town Center, to get a coach on board who will also help.  She is also currently organizing and getting ready to open up membership.

Trenton thinks that mountain biking is a great sport for fun and exercise.

“Mountain biking is a great way to be active and have fun,” Trenton May said through email.

Colleges have contacted Trenton to ride for them once he graduates.  When he and his mom looked into mountain biking in college, they realized that the surrounding states all have mountain biking as a recognized high school sport.  So, he figured if he could get a club started, maybe they could get it going in the valley and possibly get it recognized in the state of Nevada too.

The club will have members competing in all the races in Boulder City during this school year, but will not be through the school until next year.

“We’re working on setting up competitions with surrounding states for next year, and the goal for this club is that the NICA (National Interscholastic Cycling Association) recognizes us.” said May through email.

Trenton started riding in seventh grade with his father. He started in road bikes, but, then quickly changed to mountain bikes.

“He is a junior now, so he has been riding for 4 1/2 years.”  said Ms. May

The club will ride all over the valley from Red Rock trails to Boulder City. Currently, members have been meeting at Las Vegas Cyclery and riding from there to the Bear’s Best Trails.

“We will have open sign ups in the spring. Probably organized meetings during middle school and high school lunches.” said Ms. May.

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