Marching Band marches at Faith football games


Megan Correia

This year, the middle school Marching Band has been proforming throughout the school year. One proformance to remember was at the Homecoming football game.​​

Megan Correia, Staff Writer

The middle school Marching Band season has surprised the crowd at Faith Lutheran Middle School football games with all their musical performances! Mr.Daniel Zeigner, Orchestra and Marching Band director has worked very hard to educate the students and prepare them for their musical careers in the future.

The Marching Band has started their musical season successfully in Zeigner’s eyes.The Marching Band has currently performed at football games, so that means Marching Band’s support keep’s increasing as the season progresses.

Many people have heard students talking around school about how cool and classy Marching Band has been, and Isabella Lellieu, seventh grader can agree with all of them.

“Marching Band interests me because it looked like some extra fun for the school year, and also it was a great opportunity to help my music.” Lellieu said.

Zeigner sure took on the challenge of working with over 80 students but he took on the challenge with confidence. “Directing Marching Band is fun, more fun beyond my wildest dreams.” said Zeigner. “The band is truly amazing, they’re working really hard” said Zeigner smiling.

Having two different conductors might be hard, but some members like the challenge.

“ Having Mr.Z as a director is amazing because he let’s us have fun, but at the same time he’s serious about the music.” Lellieu said.

Grace Balle had a different point of view “ Having Mr. Zeigner as a director is fun because i’m used to Mr. Schlicker and working with him.” Balle said

“But at the same time Mr.Zeigner gives a different perspective on his teaching.”

All that is ready at the football games have been Marching Band’s clean and ready performances, but there’s more to it than just getting music and memorizing it.

Zeigner said that it takes around ten days to put together a performance.   “We need to memorize the music, learn the patterns and then we put it all together.” said Zeigner.

When joining Marching Band, knowing what instriment to play is important.

‘“ I play the Clarinet because I thought it would be a new and interesting instrument to try because I like the lower sounding instruments as well.” said Lellieu.

“I play the Bass Clarinet because I like the low sounding instruments” says Balle.

So far the Marching Band has over 80 students enrolled, including high schoolers. Zeigner added that he is beyond proud of the students he gets to work with each day.

Some events that Marching Band attended were the fall Band and Orchestra concert on October 12, as well as their performance at the Homecoming football game on October 10th.

Zeigner said that his students appreciate any support or encouragement they can get.

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