Why We Believe helps students defend faith


The maroon class of Why We Believe poses for a picture in their classroom. Krafft created Why We Believe to make students more confident in their relationship with Jesus and become able to defend their very own faith.

Jordan Pulse , Staff Writer

“I never asked myself , ‘why do I trust my faith in God?’, My response was always, yes, I do believe. But what if someone comes up to you and says, ‘Well why exactly do you believe of this? Can you defend your faith in God?’ So that is why I chose and created the name, Why We Believe,” explained Ms. Joanne Krafft, founder and creator of the middle school apologetics class, Why We Believe.

This theology class extends common misunderstandings from the Bible and prepares students’ faith in Jesus to remain secure and at most times unquestionable, during the doubts people constantly face as human beings, explained Krafft

In the beggining, Krafft’s ideas of the first ever “defend-of-the-faith” class, as she describes it, became a confirmed placement in 2013 through a few, general processes.

“Exactly, two years ago you had to choose if you were going to teach all middle school or all high school, and from that point I used to instruct both sections,” Krafft explained when asked about her process for the creation of Why We Believe. “So, I told the head officials of how I would take middle school as long as I could teach an apologetics class as well.”

The administration gladly agreed to Krafft’s request to instruct the very first middle school apologetics class.

One subject Why We Believe revolves around on a daily basis is constant memorization. Many teachers believe knowing Bible verses is mandatory for students by knowing major components in God’s Word and keeping up in students’ faith by recalling verses from the Bible. Just as Why We Believe empathizes that memory can support beliefs of anyone’s faith and bring comfort in a struggling situation in someone’s life.

Krafft values the importance of memorization

“Memory is important because as a Christian you should know the Bible, and there may be a time in your life where you may want to reference God’s Word for evidence, or if you’re experiencing a horrible day and you need a Bible verse for comfort,” Krafft enthused, “But if you don’t know the Bible, you are like a brain surgeon who cant perform surgery. So, if you accept yourself as a Christian at heart you need to know your Bible correctly.”

In Why We Believe, students are taught what to confidently say to someone who doesn’t believe in Jesus and provide reasoning to support what students may believe.

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