Hit, Set, Spike: The middle school girl’s volleyball season begins


Katie Walo

The A team poses for a picture after reviving from the lose last year at the annual Faith held conference. The B team followed the A team’s win

Shae Turner, Staff Writer

On September 8, 2014, the Faith Lutheran Middle School seventh and eighth grade girls’ long awaited volleyball season officially began.

Before the season could begin, the anxious middle school girls had to try out for the teams. For the seventh and eighth grade girls, Faith has three different middle school teams.   Ms. Sarah Heislen coaches the A team, Ms. Jen Mullenix coaches the B team, and Ms. Alicia Klinger coaches the C team.

On Monday, August 25, girls filled the gym to try out for the team.  tryouts took place over the course of three days.  Heislen explained that during tryouts, the coaches use a scoring process based on skill and ability.  The coaches also looked for good leadership, athleticsm, speed, and strength.

“The scoring process that we use is based on skill and ability, and where people will contribute to the team and where we need people,” said Heislen.

The girls practice schedule constantly changes due to the game schedule.  If the girls don’t have a game after school, they will have practice.   The teams can have practice up to four times a week, but the days they have practice on depend on the game schedule for the week.

“It’s hard to say because it depends on our game schedule, but we do something everyday,” said Heislen.

In practice the girls work on many things from building new skills and bonding with their team.

“Our team has the biggest bond I’ve ever had in my entire life.  I know they won’t let me fall,” said Taylor Duplex, B team volleyball player.

All the teams have played multiple games so far this season.  Katherine Walo, A team volleyball player, said that the A team has played seven games so far this season and has won six.  All the teams have done well so far this season.

“Many of the games were close, while a lot of games we won by a landslide,” said Walo.  the first tournament of the season on September 20, was a successful day for all the teams.  The A and B teams both placed first overall, and the C team placed second over.

“We won the tournament that we host which  huge because lost last year,” said Heislen.

Now, conference season has begun for the teams.  The A team lost their first conference game against Calvary.  The A team made up for that loss when they played Pahrump on October 8.  In the first set the girls won 23-25 and the second set won 17-25.  the B team also won both of their sets with a first score of 17-25 and a second score of 12-25.

Like any sport, many girls have goals they set for the season, rather they have individual goals or overall team goals.

“Our main hope for the season is to win the championship in our division in the Red Rock league,” Bailey Friel, A team volleyball player said.

Ellie Fried, A team volleyball player, agreed with Firel saying she hopes the team will win and get to the Red Rock Conference.

The Red Rock Athletic Conference is the final tournament of the season where different schools compete for the winning title.

To learn more about the game schedule and scores for all three middle school teams, go to www. faithlutheranlv.org.

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