Faith Lutheran’s Students greatly enjoy Middle School Robotics


Josh Diaz

Student Nick Phillips displays his robot.

Josh Diaz, Staff Writer

“It’s the best way to learn, since tech is becoming so big,” said seventh grader Will Romano about Middle School Robotics.
Middle School Robotics is a class taught by Mr. Kober. Many middle school students are interested in Middle School Robotics not only because of a great teacher, but it’s a really 21st century technical class.
In it, students build robots with advanced Legos, and also download computer software that allows the students to maneuver the robots through obstacles.
Seventh grader Rylie Christiansen said, “The robots do certain tasks like walking and pulling levers, they might have wheels or legs or treads.”
Eighth grader Quran Allen said that it’s fun being able to make robots that move and interact freely.
“The robots that we make have wires, joints, and other body parts that allow them to be really cool,” said Allen.
The students will also choose different types of advanced Lego gears and pulleys through a system called VEX. Students connect the gears by snapping them into place, and by placing the brain in a central location that allows them to control it.
The robots react to anything the students tell them to do due to the software Kober taught them to install.
 “Mr. Kober is a great teacher in this class. [He] explains stuff really well, and helps us if we don’t understand,” said seventh grader Nathan Gullah.
Mr. Kober has now taught this class for a couple of years, and displayed to the students that he is the right choice to teach this class.
“The students really enjoy making [the robots] and controlling them right through programming,” said Kober.