Class allows students to create Chapel


Talina Hajar

Students Kendal Owens, Kayla Parker, Katie Walo, Tom Rigglemen, and more rehearse for their chapel on Wednesday. They practice so they can show God’s word in an interesting way.

Athena Brown, Staff Writer

Students in Applied Christianity create chapel with the help of their teachers, Ms. Joanne Krafft and Mrs. Katie Wiltse, every week in the CPAC to help show God’s word.

Even though the students act on stage, they still learn plenty about God.

“Sometimes we take a whole class period to learn about what the normal Old Testament and New Testament classes teach, and we write our own invocations,” said seventh grade applied student Cathleen Cornish.

Many students enjoy the class and are glad they picked it.

Students like the opportunity to lead chapel because “I like making people smile, and I think I’m very good at public speaking, so it enhances my ability to share the theme of the week,” said Cornish.

Applied students seem to love this class.

I was surprised to hear that we had so many things to memorize and just so many responsibilities.”

— Talina Hajar

“My favorite thing about applied is putting on skits that are funny and entertaining but still have a heavenly meaning,” said Kayla Parker, a seventh grader.

Obstacles do get in the way of the students from time to time.

One challenge includes, “making sure you have all your lines, blocking, and actions memorized and done correctly on stage,”  said seventh grader Talina Hajar.

Some students in the class this year were not in applied last year, and now, they are completely new to the class.

“I was surprised to hear that we had so many things to memorize and just so many responsibilities to fulfill in such a short period of time,” said Hajar. “But in the end it all works out.”

It may look like students come up with skit ideas automatically but for them, it usually takes “a half or whole class period,” said seventh grader Gianna Leone.

This class helps students grow their faith. They may go into the year feeling very close to God, but already their faith has increased.

“As strong as my faith was was prior to the class, it has definitely stretched in the midst of of taking the class,” said seventh grader Sophia Rubino.

Naturally, how students act on stage changes from the beginning of the year to the end.

“They change completely,” said Krafft, “they go from being very terrified to being amazing on stage.”

The applied class has changed since last year. Now, there are two different classes when last year there was just one.

“I love having two separate applied classes for Middle School because it means we get to do Chapel just for our Middle School Peers and that more Middle School students can be in Applied,” said Wiltse in an email. “In the past we could only have 26 people be in Applied.  This year we have 35 people because we have two classes.”

Students make learning about God informative for all of middle school. Through their skits, other kids learn about God’s word. Chapel has taught some students to “love God and grow in faith,” said Isabel Keller.

In the future, some other students would like to participate in applied.

“I would love to be in applied because it lets me show God’s word by performing skits about him and let’s me share God’s word with other people,” said seventh grader Toni Carlo.