Author Brian Falkner visits Faith to help students become better writers


Melanie Bowline

Author Brian Falkner teaching students new writing techniques. He is also showing the students ideas on writing a good story.

Kylie Pike, Staff Writer

Author Brian Falkner works at creating better writers at Faith Lutheran

Australian Author Brian Falkner will visit Faith Lutheran Middle School on October seventeenth through the twenty-third to help young middle school students with their writing.

Falkner created a writing workshop to do with to help en- courage them to write. He writes fiction and science fiction books published all around the world. Some examples of his books include “Brain Jack”, “The Tomorrow Code”, and “Northwood.” The reason why Falkner comes to Faith Lutheran is to help improve students writing, so their stories, projects, or even essays sound more professional.

Some might question whether or not author visits really help students.

“Yes definitely!” replied sixth grade literature teacher Amy Lorfing. “Brian Falkner helps in- spire them.”

This will not be the Falkner’s first time visiting Faith Luther- an; he has actually visited the school six times.

Author visits aren’t cheap. Faith Lutheran has to pay for their hotel, food, and overall stay in Las Vegas if they don’t live here.

“It costs around three hundred to nine thousand dollars to pay for an author visit depending who the author is,” said Faith Lutheran’s librarian Melanie Bowline. The school can pay up to thirteen thousand dollars a year on author visits.

Faith Lutheran does author visits because it helps bring books to life.

Many students from last year at Faith Lutheran Middle School have become more interested in writing because of the author visits.

“I really liked the author visit last year. It was a lot of fun, and help my writing a lot,” answered seventh grader Katelyn Gutierrez.

Also, sixth graders this year are very excited for their first author visit in November.

“I haven’t done anything like this, and I think this will be a re- ally cool thing to do,” said sixth grader Isabella Lucente.

Every year the school wants more and more students to en- joy writing more than they did before.

Bowline also gave more de- tails about the author visit. The author visit will be held in the school’s library like every author visit. Bowline also said there is more information about the author on his website. If you would like to know more about

Brian Falkner please visit his website at www.goodreads. com/author/show/1202217. Brian_Falkner.

If students would like they can look at the author and illustrator wall in the library. Also, author Mike Graf is on the author and illustrator in the library, and will be coming in November and January.


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