Homecoming! Student Leadership team plans events for a week of fun activities


Hannah Lungaard

Faith Lutheran’s high school dance team are prepared to perform at the high school lip-sync. In pink feathered dresses, the dance team consumes went along great with the them of the week ” The Great Gatsby”.

Hannah Lungaard, Staff Writer

Faith Lutheran Middle School and High School celebrated the annual Homecoming week October 4-11. Student Leadership team planned events that involved the student body.

As always, one of these activities included dress up week. Middle school and High school had certain days that they were allowed to dress up as characters. October 6, was the first day of dress up. The first days theme was “The Great Gatsby.” October 7 , was the second fun dress up day.  October 8, the theme was black and white movie day and you were allowed to dress up as your favorite black and white movie character. Unfortunately, no dress up was allowed for middle school that day, only Faith school uniform and girls had the choice of wearing pearls and boys wearing ties. On the last dress up day, October 9, the theme was American wear or Camouflage.

Seventh grader, Sadi Shearer is excited about the dress up days of Homecoming week.

“ I think it is going to turn out good and fun because were going to have an assembly and we’ll get to dress up and it will be super fun.” Said Shearer said before Homecoming week.

Director of Student life, Mts. Juile Buuck planned this week with the Student Leadership team.

“The purpose of these events are all about class bonding,” said Buuck.

On October 4, the high school girls Powder Puff kickball tournament happened. On the other hand, the girls was coached by the boys. Sadly, Middle school was not allowed to participate in this kickball tournament.

“This was a great opportunity for middle schoolers to see what they can look forward to during high school.” Buuck said.

As tradition, the next activity was the high school lip sync. On October 6, the high school lip sync took place in the Crusader Competition Center from 7:30 to 8:30 p.m. The high school dance team also performed during the lip sync. This opportunity for middle schoolers, would allow them to see what the high school lip sink, and what middle schoolers would be looking forward to.

Eighth grader Hailey Carroll is excited about Homecoming week events,

“I think Homecoming will come out good and fun.” said Hailey Carroll

One of the last events during Homecoming week is an all school assembly at 2:00 p.m. The whole school attended and games and activities.  The assembly was held by high school   student council. The dance team performed and so did the cheerleaders.

Buuck is excited about spreading the tradition of Homecoming. “Homecoming is a tradition we want middle schoolers to be able to participate in.”

The main event of Homecoming is the Homecoming football game. The football game went on at 7:00 p.m. on October 10. The marching band and cheerleaders and dance team performed the dance team.

Eighth grader Koby Myxtster, who is excited about the Homecoming football game and dress up day,

” I think it’s going to be fun but, I am mostly excited about the football game.” said Koby Myxster.

Homecoming week is one of the biggest high school events of the shcool year. This event was put together by high school student council student leadership team and Student director Mrs. Julie Buuck.

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