Service opportunity available for students

Alyssa Staggs, Staff Writer

This year, students will have an opportunity to go on the Bishop mission trip that will take place during spring break. Mrs. Haley Wheat, the Leadership teacher, will go with a class of students to Bishop to serve the Paiute tribe.

The Bishop,California trip where students go to help out the Paiute tribe. This will teach students about nature and ways to help out around their area. This mission can make students’ relationship with God closer, according to Mrs. Wheat.

“When we go we do various tasks for the Paiute tribe in Bishop, California.” said Wheat.

Spots to go on this mission are open! This will happen at the end of March, which would be spring break. Students from middle school and high school can attend with parent permission, high school most of the time goes, but middle school can sign up in Mrs Wheat’s room also. They have gone to Bishop for a while now.

“We have gone for three years now, so we are enjoying getting to know the tribe members and serving them!,” said Mrs. Wheat.

The cost to go on this mission trip is five hundred dollars. All the years they have been to Bishop,students have gone with the Orange Lutheran High School, and they will do it again.

“We like going with the Orange Lutheran group because we have missions in common with them,” said Mrs.Wheat.

Students will learn about the tribe members and serve them. Students can learn from this because they can learn leadership. Leadership can help a lot as life goes on. They can also learn about the history about how they found Bishop and their journey to get there.

Right now, the Paiute tribe is the fifth largest tribe in California. The Paiute tribe in Bishop, California has about two thousand enrolled members.