Faith Lutheran Middle Schoolers can create any kind of club that they want


Matthew Huckabay

Nerf Club members meet at the park behind Faith ready for action. Many kids have their guns locked and loaded, and are ready to fire their guns at will.

Matthew Huckabay, Staff Writer

Middle schoolers at Faith Lutheran can now make a school club. Kids can create clubs to hangout with fellow students, learn something new, or meet more people.

Students can create clubs to have something to do after school. Students also start new clubs to learn something new or improve on their skills in the activity and make new friends.

I believe that you shouldn’t wait to start something.  If you organize a club or start a program as soon as the idea comes to you, it shows your level of passion about that particular idea,” said Mrs. Buuck, Director of Student Life.

Middle schoolers can create any activity that they want at Faith Lutheran. The first step, go to the gym and talk to Mrs. Buuck.

“If you want to create a club or start an activity that you think we are missing out on at Faith, you can come visit me anytime in my office, which is in the auxiliary gym and we can brainstorm together on your idea and see how we make it happen,” says Mrs. Buuck.

Step two; the student will have to make a document on the activity they want to start or the main idea of it. On the document, the student will write or type down when the club will meet and if the club interferes with a sport.

The next step for creating a club, recruit at least ten students. For example, the child that wants to start a certain club can go around lunch time with an interest sheet asking students if they would like to join the club. If they would like to join they would write down their name.

Afterwards, they can go to Mrs. Buuck and will show her their document, and prove that at least ten other students will participate in the club.

Next, Mrs. Buuck will look for an adviser for the club. Once the adviser is chosen, he or she will be head of the club or the teacher of the club. Lastly, once the adviser is found the club can officially begin.

Some examples of new clubs students came up with in the year 2014 include: Table Tennis, MathCounts, Invisible Children’s Club, and Acts of Random Kindness. Students at Faith Lutheran can create as many clubs as they want.

“ The sky’s the limit!” Exclaimed Mrs. Buuck

Students can create clubs throughout their whole middle school experience. Students can try to get the club they started in middle school into a high school club as well.

Most kids don’t start a club until they are in high school. For the past couple years or so only high schoolers have started clubs. Middle schoolers need to start clubs and show leadership. Middle school students need leadership on their resume to stand out to colleges.

“ Most students wait until thy are in high school and begin the college application process to start a club or an activity,” said Mrs. Buuck.

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