Crusaders go pink for a cause in October


Grace Parker

Hanna Karl, seventh grader, gets ready to hit the volleyball as her fellow teammates watch.

Grace Parker, Staff Writer

On October 30, at six p.m., Faith Lutheran will host their Dig Pink volleyball match to raise money and bring support for the Dig Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation.

Faith Lutheran will have their last home volleyball match against Pahrump for the Dig Pink fundraiser in the Crusader Competition Center. On the day of the game, everyone, including the opposing team, is encouraged to wear pink.

Amy Fisher, the high school volleyball coach, has run the event before and knows what to expect. “It is something kind of fun for the team to do, but also draws awareness to the cause,” said Fisher.

Students could help support the cause by buying Dig Pink t-shirts. The t-shirt sale has already ended, but students can still donate money by attending sports events that include football and volleyball, and showing their support. All the money that the students spend on the shirts will go to the Dig Pink foundation.

Many students and faculty members at Faith have known somebody who has lost someone due to breast cancer.

Cancer can affect people in many different ways. Hanna Karl, a seventh grader, has known someone who has been impacted by cancer.

“I have had friends’ moms who have this type of cancer, and it is really sad,” said Karl. “I think this is a great way to raise money because the shirts you can buy are really interesting and fun.”

Students and faculty alike will notice people wearing the Dig Pink t-shirts that went on sale not too long ago, along with people in the general public wearing pink ribbons on their shirts or in their hair, signifying that October represents Breast Cancer Awareness month. Courtney Martin, seventh grader, has noticed students wearing the shirts.

“I haven’t bought one, but, I would like to start,” said Martin.

In October of 2013, the school raised 2370 dollars, and it was a great year. “Our best year is when we had Kobe Bryant donate a pair of signed Nike’s,” said Fisher. Usually the goal is to raise over 2000 dollars a year. “It depends on what we do or what we sell,” said Fisher.

To find more information about Breast Cancer Awareness and how students can support the cause, students can visit

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