New schedule brings new routines and different student opinions

Students walk out of class without any traffic. since the schedule has changed, the halls have not been crowded with both middle and high schools in the hall at once.

Students walk out of class without any traffic. since the schedule has changed, the halls have not been crowded with both middle and high schools in the hall at once.

Jared Nigro, Editor

The new schedule brought different bell times, many different routines, also the student’s and faculty’s dissimilar opinions.  Some students love their new routine this year, others say Faith Lutheran should change the new schedule back like last year’s.

So what has really changed about the schedule from last year?

Middle schoolers start their class later than high schoolers and high schoolers get out of school earlier

Also, the bells ring more often and even they are on a different schedule. The same thing that happened with the bell times, happened with the lunch times. Both are on a different schedule.

The new sixth graders do not know about the schedule change because they didn’t attend Faith Lutheran Middle School the year before. Last year, everyone at Faith got out at the same time. All are affected positively or negatively with the school bringing the new schedule.

Faith Lutheran decided to change this year’s schedule because of its “growth and its  size,” said Mrs. Sarah Heislen, Middle School Principal.

Faith Lutheran has grown so much bigger since the school was established. This year the school has 1,572 occupants. The school is so big, Faith administrators and principals needed to change the schedule to fit everyone in the school.

One problem about the schedule is,”just getting used to the different times,” said Mr. Jacob Kothe, Middle School Assistant Principal.

Both principals agree that the halls aren’t as crowded with fifteen-hundred students all in the hallways like last year.

“I like the schedule for two major reasons; there’s a lot more room in the passing periods and it’s just another step in the school’s direction.” Said Kothe.

Some students love the new schedule, including eighth grader Dylan Schafer.

“ I am a fan because we get to start school later and I like sleeping in,” said Schafer.

Many students love sleeping in; including eighth grader Nicholas Nigro who agreed with Schafer. Both love sleeping in the mornings and starting school at a later time.

Nigro also likes the new schedule because,”the halls aren’t as crowded as they were last year.”

However, some students don’t like the new schedule for various reasons.

“The bells confuse me sometimes,” said seventh grader Alex Glanzer. However, Glanzer said he still liked the idea of school starting later.

Others have friends in High School that they just don’t get to see; including seventh grader Timothy Ng,”I don’t like the schedule because I don’t get to see my high school friends,” said Ng.

Some students say the schedule should just be abolished.

“I think they [the school’s administrators] should just change it back to last years’ schedule,” said seventh grader Richard Remley.

“Also, I sometimes need to talk to my sister who is in high school, and I can’t see her.” said Remley.

The new schedule is all about the growth and development of the school so the school can “become the best as it [the school] can,” Kothe mentioned.

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