Students get detentions if they violate the dress code three times


Brandon Roberts

8th grade student Alexis Petculescu showing off her Faith Lutheran spirit for homecoming week.

Brandon Roberts, Editor

Some Faith Lutheran students who do not follow the dress code get verbal warnings (dress-coded) from the staff at Faith. Students who receive multiple warnings will earn a trip down to MS Assistant Principal Mr. Jacob Kothe’s office for a talk and an after school detention.

Faith Lutheran has many rules around campus, the dress code falls into the set of rules at Faith. The dress code helps the students represent their school if a visitor comes to see if their child should come or not.

Some students say they think the dress code helps the school. Eighth grader Ethan Osan believes the dress code “is really good to keep everyone looking the same so it’s a safe environment.”

Other students say they do not have a problem with the dress code.

“I think the dress code is fair and easy,” eighth grader Alexis Petculescu said, “all you have to do is make sure you don’t roll up your shorts too high or roll up or wear the wrong stuff.”

Which rises the question, if the dress code comes easy to some students, why does it come hard to others? Other students comment about how they do not like the dress code.

“I think the dress code is stupid. I wasn’t told what I was wearing was wrong before.” Eighth grader Koby Myxter said.

Sometimes students accidentally violate the dress code. Then other times students purposely violate the dress code.

“I think if it’s a sixth grader, they probably didn’t realize it,” Kothe said. Meaning they did not realize what they wore could get them in trouble.

“If it’s a seventh or eighth grader, it’s most likely they know. They’re just trying to see what they can get away with” Kothe said. Meaning the students who have attended Faith for a while know their actions will lead to consequences (if they get caught).

Students getting warnings for breaking the dress code has become less and less of a problem. Only a few have gotten in trouble for not wearing the proper attire.

“I would say overall it’s been very good this year. We’ve had a few dress codes with students in not the proper length shorts and the wrong shirt,” Kothe said. Kothe explained further into the meeting students sometimes wear the wrong shirt on spirit days.

On the other hand, those who receive multiple times will get more than just a warning.

“If they get dress coded three times, that third time results in a detention,” Kothe said.

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