Cash me ousside, how bow dah?

Sabrina Richards

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Danielle Bregoli threatens the audience of Dr. Phil during her first appearance on the show. During her second appearance, there was not an audience present, as Dr. Phil thought it would be a safer enviornment for Bregoli.

The girl is 13 years old, lives in a single parent household, police officers have been called to her house 51 times in the past year, and is making thousands of dollars amid all of it. Her name is Danielle Bregoli and her claim to fame all started with the fierce threat of “cash me ousside, how bow dah?”

Danielle Bregoli appeared on Dr. Phil McGraw’s show, Dr. Phil, in September of 2016. During the episode, Bregoli called the audience inappropriate names while utterly disrespecting Dr. Phil. Bregoli threatened to fight the audience and ironically, they applauded the intimidation, foreshadowing the fame she would later receive from the internet.

After the interview, Dr. Phil sent Danielle to Turn-About Ranch, which is a horse ranch for troubled teenagers. Danielle said on a follow-up interview with Dr. Phil that she likes the ranch, but she will always be a rebellious girl.

Since the interview, Danielle got into a fight with an old lady on an airplane and appeared in music videos with famous rappers. She is making thousands of dollars by showing sheer disrespect to authority.

“I do not think it is right,” said sixth grader, Ryder Sudbury.

Danielle’s fame keeps growing and growing. Examples of people promoting her bad behaviors include new memes, her catchphrase used on a daily basis, and rumors state she is getting her own reality show.

“I think people like reposting (the catchphrase) and sharing it, since people like her attitude,” said seventh grader, Daniel Adolfo. Thus, society is extrapolating her problems into a cultural phenomenon.

Bregoli’s criminal record contains felonies as simple as theft, all the way to stealing cars. Some students believe that she is a relentless juvenile delinquent that should be stopped.

“I think it is up to her parents to punish her,” said Sudbury, while seventh grade student, Spenser Close said, “she is pretty bad, and she should be contained, or put in jail.”

After her appearance on Dr. Phil, society would have forgotten about her if social media did not put her on a platform, glorifying her criminal actions.

“I think it is more of what is happening in our world right now, and the internet, and it is all going to take it’s course, and in a month no one will even remember her,” Marie Schlaf, an eighth grader, said.

Close agreed “The internet is a dumb place.”

Why does Bregoli’s fame keep expanding? Students have different thoughts on the reason Danielle Bregoli is nearly a household name.

“I think people like her because she is just this little girl, and she thinks she is ‘all that’ and she is talking all ‘street’, but in reality, she is just an immature person,” said Adolfo.

Some people do not believe she is setting a good example for the younger generation, who are watching her videos, witnessing her crimes, and the disrespect she has for her parents.

“(She) is setting a bad example because she is basically saying “come fight me,” Sudbury said. Other students believe she sets a bad example for different reasons.

Adolfo said, “She is setting a bad example, that you can talk back to your parents, and I think that is not good.”

According to, “69 percent of families with young children under 8 years old have a smartphone.” This means more young and impressionable children have direct access to the internet and society’s opinions, than ever before. The impression that the younger generation witnesses everyday is Danielle Bregoli, and America may soon have a wave of criminal teens if they do not step back and realize the insanity they are promoting everyday.