Education Excursions


photo courtesy of Lauren Kling

Sidney Biher, Staff Writer

Teachers are taking a turn in their teachings. Students in these positions are having an opportunity to go to places including Three Square, Disneyland, and Knott’s Berry Farm. 8th graders, 7th graders and 6th graders are going to be able to learn, experience, meet new interesting people, and most of all have fun.

Builder’s club this year will go to Three Square to support the others to join the club. They will help the ones in need, maybe not directly, but in spirit. Helping the staff packing lunches includes many hands.

Sabrina Waddell said, she wants, “to help the homeless and give them supplies and help people. How giving people supplies will change their lives and make them fell better.”

“We all get to serve together and we all get to fulfill the heart and mission of this trip.” Sabrina Richards says “sees this as an opportunity for all the people in Builders club to come together and appreciate each other throughout the year.

“The importance of this trip is for Builders club to help support people. I see this trip as a great way for Faith Lutheran to represent itself as leaders in our community. And it’s a great opportunity to help people out,” says Liam Stumacher.

Student council will ride on a fun journey to Disneyland on April 26. The students will get to have some time to relax and step away from planning and organizing events. They will participate in a leadership meeting where they will be able to learn new strategies and techniques to help strive and prepare them for next year.

Katie Youngson says she sees this as a “fun, learning experience.” She also states “we should go to the Bahamas next year.”

Jad Damaj says thinks this trip is, “to help us relax after all the hard work we do.” Mr. Damaj also states that he likes “ to change things in school.” He would like to go and visit “San Diego” if it was up to him.”

Casey Melborn thinks “teamwork and bonding with student council and going to the conference will help her learn more leadership. I think it will be an adventure to hang out with student council members. We can work with others.

Choir, this year is taking a trip to Knott’s Berry Farm. The farm is a great way to relieve stress and just have fun. It provides an opportunity to sing and play instruments while traveling. It is an amusement park in California and the 12th most visited theme park in North America.

“ I always had a love for music so when I had a chance to try out for choir, I toke the chance.” Said Zach Boots, “Just getting to know my friends and I would like to sing the songs for other classes one time.”

“ I am looking forward on going to Space Mountain and signing with my friends.” Answered Jorden Dekoven. She wants “ to show off that we sing better than anyone else there.”

Summer sun states “we are going to a musical festival where we will sing.” She is also looking forward to “riding rides.”

Students in all grades have a chance to experience new things. Think out side their box. And become closer to the people they know.