Students’ Unusual Extra Curricular Activities

Courtesy of Carey Tavano
Sofia Tavano climbs a rock wall at the Red Rock Climbing Center in Rock Climbing Club, an unusual activity.

Courtesy of Carey Tavano Sofia Tavano climbs a rock wall at the Red Rock Climbing Center in Rock Climbing Club, an unusual activity.

McKenzie Ballif, Staff Writer

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While many kids at Faith Lutheran partake in well known or popular extra curricular activities such as basketball, football, baseball, drama, dance, and track and field, there are some students who are involved in unusual after school activities.

“I participate in rock climbing club. We meet every Teusday after school at the Red Rock Climbing Center,” said seventh grader Sofia Tavano.

“I’m in synchronized swimming and it’s a sport that combines dancing and cheerleading but in the water,” said seventh grader Anna Kate McLaurin.

“I am involved in fencing,” said sixth grader Josephine Liang.

Everyone gets involved with activities in one way or another.

“I saw ads on the daily announcements promoting rock climbing club and thought that I’d try it out,” said Tavano.

“I found out about synchronized swimming through a sign in the hallway,” said McLaurin.

“When I was younger my dad showed me movies about sword fighting and I asked if I could do that too,” said Liang.

Overtime, people progress and improve even at the most unusual of activities.

“I have been rock climbing for two years and I guess I’m ok at it,” said Tavano.

“I have been doing fening for four and a half years. I consider myself good,” said Liang.

“I have been doing sychronized swimming for four and a half years. I’m pretty good but there’s definitely more I could improve on,” said McLaurin.

There’s a vast range of extra curricular activities for students to choose from at Faith Lutheran. Some of the most unique include card trick club, Pokémon club, rock climbing club, nerf club, paint ball club, scrapbook club, and ultimate frisbee. Even though there are already plenty of choices for students to choose from, many more activities could be added to the list.

Some of those in an unusual sport or club would not like to see Faith Lutheran provide the activity to other students.

“I don’t think I would want Faith to have synchronized swimming because it would take awhile to get people to a level that’s nice enough to conduct something that’s pretty,” said McLaurin.

Even though these activities aren’t well known at the moment, they might become more prominent in the future and cater to all different kinds of kids searching to be a part of an unusual activity.