The Children’s Heart Foundation

This is a photo of  a  Easter basket full of fun toys and supplies.  This can be donated the CHF for a child to enjoy Easter, and have a good time.

Liam Stumacher

This is a photo of a Easter basket full of fun toys and supplies. This can be donated the CHF for a child to enjoy Easter, and have a good time.

Liam Stumacher, Staff Writer

It is necessary that children have fun and play, and the Children’s Heart Foundation is determined on letting all children do this.  Over 40 thousand children every year are born with heart defects, and the Children’s Heart Foundation tries to help every child, with it’s base in Nevada, and they need all the help they can get.

The Children’s Heart Foundation (CHF) is an organization which helps children  heart defects.  The CHF does many things, such as providing a carefree camp for children, where they can have fun for free.  The foundation educates healthcare professionals as well as the general public on cardiology issues.  It educate the kids, and helps them learn how to take care of themselves. Even more, the organization will lend financial and emotional support to the children and their families through their hardships.  Also, within the Las Vegas area, the Children’s Heart Foundation donates to Pediatric Cardiologist.

All of these factors play in to help children survive their heart condition and have fun.  In this organization, they also plan exhilarating events, such as the Fall Family Picnic.  In this event, they will have an energetic party with a 3K walk and a raffle.

The mission statement of this organization, according to the Children’s Heart Foundation, is to “provide information and interactive areas online that help you improve and lengthen your life if you have congestive heart failure, called CHF.”

“I believe the foundation helps children with heart disabilities, and it is a great cause.  Anything that helps children in need is a good thing.” said eighth grader MaxmcGrath.

Faith Lutheran contributes to this foundation, and has been for a long time.  In this month of March, it is the charity of the month.  This means that, Faith Lutheran recognizes this foundation and does things to benefit the charity, such as donations or activities.  NJHS sponsors the group, and does things such as service and donating for children in the organization.  This kindness is shared not only with little children, but with young adults as well.  Every year, the CHF awards a couple of scholarships to students graduating out of high school.

In fact, students at Faith Lutheran can help out.  The CHF needs Easter baskets and students can donate them.  You can drop off your baskets at room 114 Mrs. Grants room.  Every donation matters, no matter how small or insignificant it is!

• Congenital Heart Defects (CHDs) are the #1 Birth Defect and the leading cause of death during the first year of life.

• Nearly twice as many children die from a CHD each year, than from all forms of childhood cancer combined.

• Of every dollar the government spends on medical funding only a fraction of a penny is directed toward CHD research.