Block Schedule: Pros and Cons

Aden Jaeger, Staff Writer

Faith Lutheran Middle School and High School’s schedule is unique when compared to many other schools in the state and country. In many schools, students attend all eight of their classes in one day. Though, at Faith Lutheran, students’ classes are split into two separate days. They attend four classes on maroon day, and four classes on gold day. Maroon and gold alternate each day.

The block schedule has lots of evidence supporting it, and lots against it. A number of teachers, principals, researchers, and other education specialists are very divided on the subject.

Nonetheless, there are many pros in regards to the block schedule. To start, students following the schedule gain an extra day for homework, as, for example, work assignment on Monday will not be due until Wednesday. The time allotted for each class increases, letting students to focus more and retain information better.

Furthermore, teachers see fewer students, allowing for more individual instruction. Students have less information to process each day as well. Lastly, teachers have an increase in planning time for classes.

However, in opposition to its variety of pros, the block schedule has many cons. Teachers only see students two or three days a week. Also, information covered in a semester of the traditional schedule, must be covered in a quarter of the block schedule.

Moreover, one day could consist of multiple difficultclasses, while the other does not, creating some imbalance. It is tough for students to miss multiple days of the block schedule, as more information is being covered. Lastly, sometimes it is harder to cover all the information in advanced course on a block schedule.

Overall, their are many pros and cons to the block schedule at Faith Lutheran. Some students may have found it difficult to transition from a normal schedule to a block schedule. Many pros and cons exist on the subject, but a number of students seem to generally enjoy the block schedule.