Oscars so what?


Photo Courtesy Of http://www.oscarslivestreaming.com

The Oscars recently took place with many shocks and snubs taking place over the night. The big shocker of the night being the mess up on best picture.

Louis De Salvio , Editor

The academy awards a prestigious night of celebrities, recognition, and celebration. This years academy awards shocked and stunned many people as great many star predictions were proven wrong by surprise winners.

The biggest surprise of the night was definitely best picture originally going to La La Land, then after a shocking M. Night Shyamalan style twist, Moonlight won the night. Although La La Land did take home 6 Oscars including best actress and best song.

Another surprise of the night includes that Leonardo DiCaprio and Suicide Squad  are now tied for Oscars won. Many people were also shocked the Lin Manuel Miranda didn’t win for best song.

The Oscar host Jimmy Kimmel did wonderful, continuously dropping candy from the sky making fun of Meryl Streep and Matt Damon, and bringing in random strangers to meet the celebrities. He offered a wonderful monologue throwing shots at all different types of people but most prominently Donald Trump.

One of the major problems of last night was the in memoriam section in which many of the former celebrities clips were left out or unrepresentative of the actors and there prime. Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds were glanced over with very little said about them all night.

The Academy Awards this year didn’t do very much to exceed on last years awards, but much mores diversity in the categories were offered. Even Viola Davis went home with the best supporting actress award that night.

Overall, the Oscars this year were very entertaining, although there was moments of dullness spread throughout the awards. This show and host offered very many fun moments to be watched over and over, and interesting mistakes that will be focused on fixing.