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Super Bowl? What team did Faith Lutheran want to win for the 2017 Super Bowl? For the 2017 Super Bowl the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons went head to head for the Lombardi trophy! This years Super Bowl made history! It was the first Super Bowl ever to go into overtime! The Patriots overcame a 25 point deficit. And thirty records were either broken or matched.

“I wanted the Atlanta Falcons to win.” Says Collin Madden, seventh grader at Faith Lutheran. “I wanted the New England Patriots win.” Says Bubba Proctor, also a seventh grader here at Faith. “I wanted the Patriots to win.” Says Jacob Harrison, student at Faith Lutheran. So far, the Patriots were the most wanted team.

“The tradition I have is that I have a party.” Says Collin Madden. “Yeah, we have a party and we throw on jerseys of what teams we think will win.” Said Jacob Harrison. “We usually have a barbecue and a party, it’s basically like tacos and hot dogs.” Said Bubba Proctor. Looks like most people celebrate Super Bowl Sunday!

Journalism sent out a survey to    Mget some thoughts about this years Super Bowl! 87% of the school watched the Super Bowl! But 13% did not. 35.48% of the school said they wanted the New England Patriots to win and 64.52% said they wanted the Atlanta Falcons to win. Looks like a lot of people though the Falcons to win this year, but they were proven wrong.

“I look forward to Super Bowl Sunday.” Said Collin. “I do, yes.” Says Jacob Harrison. “Yeah, yeah it’s cool to see the commercials and stuff.” Said Bubba Proctor. Seems as if everyone looks forward to Super Bowl Sunday.

Mouth McFadden once said “Say what you will about the ravages of sport in this corporate age where overpaid athletes expect prima donna treatment, but there is still something so unifying about sport in its purest form, when athletes rise above themselves and touch greatness and, in doing so, reminding us all that we also have greatness inside of us.” This years Super Bowl reminded us all, even if you were rooting for the other team, that we have greatness and fire in our hearts, so use it, and push for your dream.