Stepping Into The Future

features a picture of Faith Lutheran gym.

features a picture of Faith Lutheran gym.

Sidney Bihrer

Many students in 8th grade have taken tests, to apply for high schools all around Nevada. Some students want to go to Gorman or West tech. Others want to stay at Faith Lutheran. But why would they want to move high schools, why would they want to stay.

Some Students are weighing there options that they prefer Gorman better. Some reasons are for its good reputation or because it is better weep known.

While other students believe that Faith is more like a community and offers more opportunities for a lot more programs.

Trey Ruggeroil says that “Gorman has a better football program, better education, better staff and teachers. Pretty much a better everything.”

However, students like Michael Carroll or Sam Chalfant have one or more of there parents that work in Faith. Are they leaving their parents behind or going to stay at Faith.

“I think faith is a all around great school and a Christian school.” Michael Carroll

“I am absolutely going to faith in high school, they offer a lot more in school activities. It’s also a private school therefore they have a lot of educational clubs for example robotics.” Sam Chalfant

Most of Faith Lutheran’s population wants to stay at Faith for many reasons. Most of the students at faith don’t want to leave, let’s see their opinions on this subject.

“They have more sports and academics that you wouldn’t find in other schools.” Chloe Sterigerwald

“They have theater opportunities that you can only have once and while. Maci Melvin

As children grow into teens and teens grow into adults, more chances arise. That is why students take academies in high school to get ready for the outside world.

“I am going to try to do the business and entrepreneurship when I am a sophomore.” Michael Carroll

“I will hopefully do conservatory, if I get in.” Says Maci Melvin

“I am going to do graphic design next year.” Chloe Steigerwald

“I am probably going to do theater, STEM, and justice and advocacy

programs.” Sam Chalfant

Many students will make a choice, but what will the outcome be. Which choice will they make.