The One who Lost a Shoe


Lily Johnson, Editor

Cinderella is a part of most students childhood, with the classic cliche of the mistreated girl gets the prince. Well, Faith is bringing that sparkling, magical experience to our school. At the moment, tech is putting the set together, dancers are choreographing their performances, and characters are practicing their lines. All we do is sit in anticipation and wait for the spectacular play to arrive at the ball.
The movie Cinderella was an amazing production, complete with a happily ever after we are not likely to forget. Even though Cinderella is a well know show some students think it is old and not very interesting. Contrary to other students, most have always adored the princess movie. Now it is Faith’s turn to try and exceed the expectations set by the already excellent movie. “I think Faith will go beyond the original Cinderella standards,”Jiselle Sonekeo-McClendon.
Students are looking forward to going to the play. Many have classmates in the play.“My friends are in the play, Kailee and Willem and I am excited to see them,” said Sophia Bonner.
Actors, dancers, and tech are rushing around trying to finish sets and dances. At the moment dancers are working on the Prince is Giving Ball and the waltz. Some dancers would say the choreography are hard. “It is difficult for those who are new to drama because the dancers are complicated and fast pace.” Said, Spencer Hewitt. Not only are the actors getting ready, tech is hurrying around. They are finishing up customs and the set. “We are working on masks for the assemble and actors for the ball.” Getting Cinderella could create a great deal stress for the teachers and cast working on it. “Well, we have the stress of finishing-. before the musical,” said Olivia Vosicky. Many have made friends because of the play and have fun time hanging out with their new found drama induced friends.
Students have mixed feelings about the musical soon to be produced at Faith. Most are looking forward to going to this performance. A lot of work was put into the musical and the people who worked, and performers in it are extremely excited to perform in front of their peers, family, and teachers. Now we just wait for Cinderella to waltz into our hearts and stage.