Illuminating the Arts


Staff Writer

Coming soon, the wonderful Illuminating the Arts festival shall take place. For all the dancers, singers, actors, and people who generally enjoy the Fine Arts, this is the program for you. At the festival, art of all grades will be displayed  and some will even be auctioned and soled to raise money for more art supplies.  Looking into the subject, here are some interview about the Illuminating the Arts program.

“Do you enjoy the Fine Arts festivals, and if so are you excited about the Illuminating the Arts?” Questioned the Reporter.

“I did enjoy the Fine Arts festivals, and I am pretty excited about the Illuminating the Arts.” Replied 7th grade student Claire Dalbec. Also, violinist Katie Crowder added, “Yes, I do like the Fine Arts festivals and Illuminating the Arts is a really great opportunity for the musicians.”

“Have you ever been to any school fine arts gathering?”

“I been to a lot of the plays, but I don’t think I have been to any of the conservatory gatherings” again answered art enthusiast Claire Dalbec.

“How will this arts festival help to improve the fine arts program?”

“I am looking forward to the silent auction where parents get to bid on pieces of   artwork that are made from the student. My middleschoolers in particular are going to be doing so really cool glass artworks, that we haven’t seen before, so I am excited for the reaction we get and how much money we can raise for the program.” Said art teacher Mrs. Kimberly Gilman.

In conclusion, the Fine Arts program is devoting their time, working hard to grow and expand the arts program. It is very expensive and sometimes it is even dangerous if you don’t have the correct tools or experience. Its more than a gathering of artists, but a gathering of people joining in helping out a burning out passion.