The future; a look into student’s plans


courtesy of stanford.jpg This photo shows Stanford University; many student’s dream school.

Kennedy Carmen, Staff Writer

The future is often a big part of students at Faith Lutheran’s lives. It is in some cases the reason they are being sent to such an educational school like Faith Lutheran. Many students and parents are already thinking about theirs and their kid’s futures, and what they plan to do with it.

“I would love to go to UCLA for college to study to be a physical therapist”, said sixth grader Kyla Bell. A lot of students already think they know where they want to go to college, and what they want to do after high school. Some say college, some say the military, and some don’t have any clue. With the college route, the students need to think about what they want to study, and that depends on how long they are willing to go to school to study for that job, and where the best place to go to study these things are. If college isn’t the thing a student is doing they have options like the military, and even taking a year off to travel or just to take a break for a couple years.

“My future is very important to me, because it will tell or show me what I will eventually become. What Mark I will leave in the world. My impact”, said seventh grader, Logan Allen. Some students definitely take the future as a much more important time than others and what it means to them all is effected on how they act and feel now. It is at a different importance for everyone and means something completely different to everyone. While thinking about it, it could make the students confused as to what they want to do with their life, or excited to be on their own and have a little change. Many people are looking forward to it, but many people are also quite afraid. It’s hard to know how it will be spent and enjoyed.

“When I think about my future I am kind of afraid, because something could so easily go wrong, and I want it to be great”, said Bell. The way it is spent could also make it less scary for people trying to think ahead.

“I plan on spending my future going to Stanford on a scholarship like my dad did just for golf, then becoming a professional LPGA golfer. I would then like to continue with golf throughout my entire life since it is a game that almost any age can play”, said Allen. Students have already been thinking about their careers and jobs when they are older as well.

Thinking about the future is a huge asset in our lives that students at Faith should definitely start thinking about, or becoming involved in to be prepared for their upcoming events and activities.