Fill em’ up!


Photo by Sabrina Richards

Mckenzie Carmicheal poses with a S’well waterbottle and Kim Vu poses with a Hydroflask waterbottle. Both types of bottles come in various styles and sizes.

What is always new, and never goes out of style? Waterbottles! This ongoing trend is a necessity to life, and two water bottle companies have really taken advantage of the water bottle business: Hydroflask and S’well.

Hydroflasks are water bottles that were created with an important mission in mind: saving the world from lukewarm liquid. They are built with innovative TempShield technology, and the Hydroflask company promises, that with the technology infused bottle, cold drinks will stay chilled for 24 hours and hot drinks will stay warm for six hours. This long-lasting temperature lock is a result of the bottle’s two wall insulation.

Lydia Heislen, a seventh grade student, said she enjoys her Hydroflask because “it keeps my water cold all day.”

Some students disagree, and believe that Hydroflask does not live up to the temperature guarantees.

“No…it keeps it (the water) cold for three hours,” said eighth grader, Riley Carroll.

Hydroflasks are also stainless steel, as they are made with 18/8 prograde stainless steel. This type of stainless steel is found in many common food and dining materials, and 18/8 refers to the respective amount of chromium and nickel that can be found in the steel, according to

The reusable feature of Hydroflasks help prevent plastic water bottle waste from inundating landfills and creating pollution.

Additionally, the Hydroflask company promises a slip-free grip because of the powdered outside coat. This feature is great for athletes to hold their bottle while their hands are sweaty from workouts.

Eighth grade student, Camille Longabardi, said, “I’ve had it (her Hydroflask) at practice, and it is still icy the next morning.”

The Hydroflask company launched the first, all insulated water bottle in 2009. The product was designed by people in Bend, Oregon who love adventure and the great outdoors. According to, the company is “committed to bringing you unexpected refreshment, wherever your adventure takes you.”

S’well bottles are water bottles with the same concept as Hydroflasks, but have distinct differences.

The S’well company considers their product a high-performance bottle. Like Hydroflask, their bottles are vacuum sealed. S’well bottles go through a complicated manufacturing process that involves over 70 steps, to get the bottles just right.

Many companies are trying to imitate the sleek design of the S’well bottles, but, with such a thorough manufacturing process, they are finding it difficult to replicate S’well’s authenticity.

S’well promises to keep drinks cold for 24 hours and warm for 12 hours, which is six hours longer than Hydroflask’s guarantee.

The bottle is made of 18/8 stainless steel, just like Hydroflasks. Both S’well and Hydroflask are BPA free, but S’wells go through lead testing that meets requirements of Proposition 65 of the Consumer Product Improvement Act.

S’wells were created in 2011, after Hydroflask, and were built with the goal of ridding the world of plastic bottles. Twice a year, S’well releases new and stylish designs, according to

Eighth grade student, Liam Dennis, said, “It (the S’well) keeps your water cold for a while, but it’s heavy, sometimes.”

Other students shared their opinions on the S’well bottle.

“I like that it does it’s job, and it keeps the water very cold, or very hot, depending on what you want, and it is a very simple size that can last the entire day,” said eighth grade student, Lauren Kling. “For the price of it, I feel like it dents too easily. Like, the day after I got it, I knocked it on the floor, and it already has a dent, and the paint chipped. I feel they can make it a little more durable.”

Both Hydroflask and S’well water bottles are helping the planet. According to, “plastic water bottles can take between 400 and 1,000 years to decompose.” Plastic water bottles are wasting all that time and space on the Earth.

“Plastic water bottles make the world bad, and it can save water bottles by just filling the S’well up,” said Dennis.

Both water bottles serve their purpose sufficiently and fulfill the missions of both companies. Students interested in purchasing a water bottle can visit or