The J&A Academy and related activities: What you should know

Faith Lutheran Middle School and High School offers many academies that allow students to specialize further in fields that they plan to work in. One of these academies is known

as the J&A or Justice and Advocacy Academy. This academy mainly focuses on the law and other relative concepts.

The Justice and Advocacy Academy offers students an assortment of classes depending on what their interests and what they plan to pursue. Some of these classes include Trial and Advocacy, Persuasion and Argument, and Forensic Science.

Furthermore, students interested in future careers that relate to the law should consider joining the Justice and Advocacy Academy, as it will prepare the further for these fields. Of course their are a multitude of occupations in relation to the law, but some include an attorney, judge, law enforcement, and a variety of political careers.

In addition to classes and careers, there are many activities associated with the Justice and Advocacy Academy. Some of which involve both middle and high school students. A few of these activities consist of Mock Trial, Model United Nations, Moot Court, and We the People. Many of the listed activities allow students.

“I did, [participate in Mock Trial] and I loved it, it was great. You are presented with a case and you either argue the prosecution or the defense and then the judges will score you…,” said eighth grader Blake Cheater.

The Justice and Advocacy Academy also offers an Endorsement for students. The endorsement shows that the student has completed the J&A Program, and it is added to the students’ transcript.

Some other opportunities within the J&A Academy are a potential internship and knowledge of in-depth topics an disease in relation to the law.

Overall, the Justice and Advocacy Academy offers many in depth classes that will further prepare students for a law focused career in the future. The Academy offers knowledge in topics such as speaking, persuasion, and analytical thinking as well. Students with an interest in these fields should highly consider joining J&A in high school.