American Idols? Students views on celebs

Courtesy of A group of A-list celebrities gather for a selfie. After this picture was taken at the 2014 Oscar’s, Ellen’s picture became the most retweeted image ever on twitter, almost breaking the internet.

McKenzie Ballif , Staff Writer

Celebrities can be famous for having a special talent, being a superior business person, or even for their physical appearance. In today’s society, celebrities’ fans tend to idolize and obsess over them, however, those in the spotlight might not be the best to look up to.

Various celebrities have an extreme influence on today’s society. The Kardashians, being one example, create trends, such as the Kylie Jenner lip challenge or various fashion statements, on a regular basis. These trends are not always completely necessary or impactful when it actually comes to “real” world problems but they still spread like wild fire.

“I think the trends celebrities make are fun. They are safe and practical, as long as they don’t get out of hand,” said eighth grader Leah Butler.

Some of the most famous celebrities, such as Beyoncé, Gigi Hadid, the Kardashians, and even multi-million dollar company owners such as Bill Gates have a chance to impact the world for the better with the amount of power at their fingertips. While certain people choose to make bad decisions that give themselves a bad reputation in the public eye, others decide to help the less fortunate through their own charities or donating to other causes.

The Happy Hippie Foundation, Miley Cyrus’s organization, focuses mainly on helping vulnerable populations, homeless youth, and youth apart of the LGBT community. Just in this past year the foundation has done so much to help those in a hard situation around the world. Two of the biggest highlights were supporting relief efforts for refugees and others affected by the conflict in Syria and raising awareness about suicide prevention.

Another person who uses their money and power to truly impact others’ lives is Bill Gates who donates to numerous different charities. So far, he has given away $28 billion via his and his wife’s charitable foundation of their own, $8 billion of which has gone to improve global health.

Since this group of people lives such a public lifestyle, these good works can be overlooked and the bad things that they do are highlighted and critiqued by whoever knows who they are.

Regardless of what some famous entertainers or business leaders may do, there will always be those in their fan base that will defend and stick up for them. While there are many normal fans who enjoy a certain celebrity for one reason or another, other people obsess over them in many ways, whether it’s by making a fan account on social media, going to multiple shows and performances, or buying every kind of merchandise released by them. The love for those put on a pedestal is usually mild but some people’s obsession could be considered unhealthy.

“I do think the obsession with celebrities is getting out of hand. People should use celebrities as role models of how you want to be as a person as long as they are nice, but people should never put celebrities before God,” said Butler.

Celebrities are a huge part of the modern way of life and make a huge difference in so many people’s lives whether it’s for the better or worse.