Breaking New Ground: Faith Construction


Photo Courtesy of Mr. Daning

This image shows the design of the ten new classrooms.

Jack Edlin , Staff Writer

You might be thinking to yourself, what is Faith planning to build? These projects will come in at a high cost, so Faith will need to find a way to pay for it. Also, this will open up a lot of new opportunities for Faith Lutheran students.

Faith Lutheran is planning to build ten new classrooms. One of the classrooms is going to be exclusively dedicated to news broadcasting. “ When I got here in 2010 we had 2 cameras and I am happy to see how far we have come, and there is no way it could have been done without the support of Mrs. Harper, Mr. Diaz, and Mr. Danning,” said Mrs. Gravitt. Also, there is going to be one business room. This classroom will allow students to practice business and follow stock trade. That would leave Faith with eight more classrooms; four of the eight are going to be new innovative classrooms. These innovative classrooms will have whiteboards all round the room, they with also have many projectors. The other four classrooms will be your basic classrooms, and there is nothing fancy about them.

There will be many exciting opportunities for Faith Lutheran students. A greenhouse will also be built and include all of the students and faculty here at Faith providing more activities. Then, Faith will also add a swimming pool, which will mostly benefit the swimming and dive team. The greenhouse and the pool will not be built for a few years as Faith will try to raise the money. But, the ten new classrooms are currently being built on Faith’s campus.

These new classrooms will open up great new opportunities for new Faith students. Two hundred and fifty more students will be able to attend Faith Lutheran, and learn about our Lord and Savior. Helping Faith to share their message of “everyone prepared everyone saved.”

The buildings will have  high cost price tag. The money for the building will be raised from a foundation, alumni, or a donor. The foundation wants to spread and encourage our mission statement. The alumni are people who have graduated from Faith who could provide with financial help. A donor is someone who gives a good amount of money, and that is what Faith is going to need. All of these three ways that Faith could get money would totally benefit Faith with the payment of the new buildings.

The Faith Lutheran construction is going to provide more students to know and grow in Faith with Christ Jesus. The new building will invite more people know Jesus and enjoy our wonderful school. The finance for our school will be at a high state, so maybe the greenhouse and the swimming pool could be built. This is going to open up many great opportunities for Faith Lutheran students. Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed!