Students Shred The Gnar


photo by

Sidney Bihrer

Every year during the winter season in Faith Lutheran the Competitive PE class travels to Mount Charleston. Over the years, the PE class has grown more and more to the point where they need to get more buses.

Students will get a choice to going skiing or snowboarding.  Some will miss out on this event while others will join Competitive PE to go on this trip.

“I am not going on the ski trip this year.” said Haley Pierce, “because it’s too much money.”

Lydia Heislen says “Yes,” to going to the ski trip. “I am going to skiing and I never done it before.”

“I am going skiing this year,” Sofia Tavano answered, “and I have been doing this since I was five.”

 Many people have never went skiing or snowboarding before. Still people think it’s a fun way to interact with each other. This means that many of the students are going to rent their ski and snowboarding equipment instead of bringing their own.

Sofia Tavanno says  “I am not renting my equipment, I have my own.”

“I am renting my equipment.” Megan Bocobo said

All people have some sort of a different idea of why the PE class is going on this trip. Some think it’s because we need a break, while others think different.

“I think the PE class is going on the Ski trip to learn how to Ski and snowboard.” Megan Bocobo

“I think the PE class is going on this trip because it’s a good experience and we need a break.” Lydia Heislen

“ I think the PE class is going on this trip because we can learn other things that we can’t learn at school.” Sofia Tavano

“I think the PE class is going on this trip because it’s fun.” Haley Pierce

The PE trip got cancelled due to high winds and possible chance of snow. Coach Wilson is in a hurry to reschedule the trip, for the people who already paid the money to go. The office has now decided the trip will be on January 31. People’s reaction’s are confused, upsetting, happy, and all sorts of other emotions.  

“ I was really mad because I woke up at five in the morning that day, with all my stuff ready with my ski clothes, my food and my sunscreen all in one bag. And then in ten minutes, right before i was about to leave i get a message saying the ski trip has been cancelled due to wind.”  said Alex Jung “I am saying all right, this is great, i woke up at four in the morning all for no reason.”

“I don’t think the Ski trip affected me that much but affected other people more.” Eden O’Sullivian.

“I was kind of mad, but i was kind of happy because then nobody would of fall and hurt themselves.  Amani Talphe

Skiing and snowboarding takes all different kinds of turns and twists. As the PE classes were upset about rescheduling their trip. They will still have fun at the end, even through the hard times.