Students thoughts on the new semester at Faith Lutheran

Aden Jaeger, Staff Writer

As the first semester at Faith Lutheran Middle School closes with finals, students have begun their second semester. With that comes two new quarters where students receive a fresh start in their grades, activities, and possibly even their classes. So how will students prepare for the new semester, what will change, and what are students’ thoughts?

Many changes will occur during the transition into the second semester. Some students are excited to continue or start new classes.

Eight grader James McCombs said he enjoyed, “Band, geography, and health.” While, eight grader Hobie Sudbury said he did good on “math,” in the first semester. Many students want to improve their grades during the next semester, whether it be in their overall GPA or an individual class. Other students wish to achieve better study habits as well. Some students’ goals for the second semester included:

“Straight A’s,” James McCombs said.
“To get all A’s,” eight grader Scott Reuben said.
However, eight grader Brenden Kirgan said, “To pass my classes,”
“To have a better study schedule” Hobie Sudbury said.

Additionally, students have certain activities that they are looking forward to during this semester. Some students are looking forward to:

“Track and field,” Scott Reuben said.
“Lacrosse season,”eight grader Sydney Bell said. “The band trip,” James McCombs said.
“The ski trip,” Hobie Sudbury said.

Furthermore, several students are hoping to improve on certain subjects and or concepts in the next semester. Students said that they could improve on:

“My grades,” Brenden Kirgan said.
“Science,” Hobie Sudbury said.
“Math and science,” James McCombs said.
However, a few students have aspects of the first semester that they didn’t enjoy very much. One of these students didn’t enjoy:

“Doing a bunch of projects,” Hobie Sudbury said.
In conclusion, many students seem excited for their second semester at Faith Lutheran

Middle School and High School. Several students are glad to receive an overall fresh start. The majority of students also wish to improve themselves academically and physically during the second semester.