The Building of the Community


Photo taken by Olivia Truman

Staff Writer

Since December, Faith Lutheran has been going through some extreme construction to expand the Faith Community. Although the under-going project is a good thing for the school, the noise of the construction has made lots of students just what it to be over. Lets see some of the student`s thoughts on the subject of the matter.

“What are your opinions about the new construction?” asked the reporter

“The construction is really loud,” commented Faith Lutheran student Taylor Goldstein.

“What are you looking forward to about the new construction?”

“I don’t really mind the construction, it`s expanding the school which makes new classrooms, which will probably make the school nicer.”-answered middle school student Brett Colquitt.

“Will the construction effect Faith; Why or why not?”

“Yes, because it will help bring more people in and expand Faith.” “It will help bring more people, and expand the faith community,” said student Caitlyn Williams.

In all, the construction is a good thing for the school, to expand and grow in the future. It may be loud and distracting, but when it is all over it will help improve our Faith Community. Thank you too all the wonderful updates being done to the school, so we may all grow strong as a family.