2016-2017 winter sports season

Canyon Kutch, Staff Writer

        As we welcome in the winter season we also welcome the winter sports teams. In winter the sports that we think about are skiing, snowboarding, and ice hockey but, the winter sports that we have here at Faith are Girls and Boys basketball, COED swimming and wrestling.

        The COED swimming team has had a fantastic season by going undefeated in every race they participated in and along with that they also won the conference championship ( for the third year in a row). The team was made up of sixth grade girls, sixth grade boys and seventh and eighth grade girls and boys.

        As the basketball season starts up, both of the basketball teams have both already won a tournament and not saying that there will be plenty more wins to come. ” Our season is going really well because we have won a lot of games and tournaments and we have all placed well in all of the tournaments we have played in,” said eighth grader Josh Goynes. Basketball has most of the winter sports teams with Boys A, B, and C team. It is also the same with girls basketball as well. ” Our team has a really good bond right now and I believe that it will get stronger as we continue in our season.

        The wrestling season has been rolling for quite a while now and the team has been dominating the whole season. Every where the crusaders go they make there name known.

        As the winter season begins to wrap up, the teams all have had a great season and the crusaders have really made people know who they are.