Faith Lutheran: New and Improved


Photo by Sabrina Richards

Construction workers perform daily tasks to construct the new classrooms at Faith Lutheran. The classrooms are located just off of Homestretch, next to the locker area.

Sabrina Richards, Editor

Outside; inside; up; down; on the wall; on bumper stickers; Crusaders see the posters plastered everywhere, bearing the familiar phrase, “Build Faith.” Faith Lutheran’s administration have plans for the future on how they plan to “Build Faith.”

The first phase includes modern and 21st Century designed classrooms, and the construction of a new, 24-foot emergency access road, according to CEO, Dr. Steven Buuck.

These plans are in the works, but what plans do students want to see in their future?

If seventh grader, Jiselle Sonekeo-Mcclendon could change Faith Lutheran in one way for the better, she said, “there should be more classroom space because some of the classrooms are kind of small, so students have more room to do things.”

This issue is addressed with the expansion of classroom space in the new construction. Ten new classrooms are currently under construction for initial use in the 2017-2018 school year, according to Buuck.

“Of the ten, one is going to be specific for the Film and Broadcast Academy. Another one is going to be specifically designed for the Business and Entrepreneurship Academy. Of the remaining eight, four of them are going to be designed…21st Century…the desks will be movable desks, and tables, they may include multiple large screen T.V.s on the walls; instead of a projector. Some of the rooms may have walls that are whiteboards or may have unique lighting or sound. We told principals, middle school will get two, and high school will get two,” said Buuck.

Besides classroom space, students have different changes in mind for the improvement of Faith Lutheran, such as more hall and exercise time.

“I think I would change [6th grade’s] recess time to a tiny bit longer…because it seems like people need to get their energy out because they are super crazy in class,” said sixth grader, Perri Wood.

Wood also said that “a little bit of a longer time between classes,” would be good, “because it can get very busy during hall time.”

Some thoughts on bettering the environment at Faith concern sports and athletics at the middle school level.

Eighth grade student, Christiana Vancura said, “I would probably make more sports teams so not as many people get cut.”

To address this idea, Vancura said, “I would probably go talk to Mr. Frederick.”

Currently, most sports, such as basketball, baseball, and soccer, have A, B, and C teams to give opportunities for students to participate on a team, but cuts still can occur.

Besides sports, eighth grade student, Carlo Lu has his own way of changing Faith in one way for the better, and his idea concerns the length of class periods, which are an hour and twenty-five minutes.

“I would say shorter class times because I am stuck in one class for like, an hour and forty-five minutes, and sometimes it gets boring and I focus on other things besides what I am supposed to be focusing on,” Lu said.

There is a reason that classes are the length that they are, but change could be good.

Furthermore, the age old question of “uniforms” or “no uniforms,” arises when discussing change, and students have their own opinion on which option is better for Faith.

“I might add more free dress days because it is good to be able to express yourself with what you wear, and we have to wear the same old uniforms everyday, and it is kind of boring,” said eighth grade student, Kennedy Jardine.

Mrs. Sarah Harper, Middle School Principal, said regarding free dress, “We certainly want to give kids opportunities to have a relaxed atmosphere and have fun. Our purpose of providing free dress is not for kids to express themselves, but just for them to have an opportunity to have fun. But, we really like the uniforms; it keeps a good academic and faith environment.”

Finally, if students could change Faith in one way for the better, cafeteria food would be a change.

“If I could change one thing, I would change the lunch menu, because there are not many healthy options, and so I would add things that are healthier, and get rid of items you can freeze and cook again,” said eighth grader, Sydney Bell.

Another eighth grader, Julian Misko, agrees with Bell, and said he would change, “the cafeteria food, because sometimes the fries are soggy.”

Harper agreed with students about their concerns with the cafeteria food, provided by the company, Sodexo.

“I think our lunch is not good for kids. I think we can do a better job of providing healthier options. Certainly, there are a variety of items, which is positive, but I do not think we provide enough healthy items,” Harper said.

The aforementioned quotes are simply ideas for improving the already great Faith Lutheran School. Some Faith students would not change the school at all.

            “There are a lot of clubs you can join, like I am going to the Ski and Snowboard Club. There is Chapel too, and that’s fun. There is not much I would change; it is pretty fun as is,” said sixth grader, Jack Steinman.

As the school continues to “Build Faith,” it is important for the students and faculty to keep the momentum going.