Donor Breakfast: not the breakfast you’re thinking of.


Connor Bartels

This is the picture of just some of the food they had at the Donor Breakfast Party in the student center at Faith Lutheran. This picture of the food is from the irst ever Donor Breakfast Party that was held on December 7th, 2016.

Connor Bartels, Staff Writer

Faith Lutheran thanks it’s donors by giving them the most important meal of the day for some important people.

Donating to Faith Lutheran has many perks. You can get free breakfast and get a way to find more jobs like a network through other donors. The breakfast is free for all donors who have donated one thousand dollars or more to Faith Lutheran.

This party is all about showing donors that faith lutheran appreciates them. For those who have not donated a full one thousand dollars, a donor can attend by paying ten dollars. All of these donors have had a big impact on the growth and expansion of Faith Lutheran.

They have not had any previous parties for our donors before December 7th. This will be the first time the donors will have a free breakfast, courtesy of Faith Lutheran.The plan is to make the Donor Breakfast Party an annual thing. Although this past December 7th was the first annual party that this school has put on to thank it’s donors.

The school has two more events planned to thank the donors. These events will give donors away to meet each other as well as a way for them to meet the faculty and staff.

One party  will give donors an opportunity to meet each other in a small gathering. Donors could trade business cards to find out what individuals do for a living and maybe even create more jobs.

There will also be another party for the Donors to meet the faculty and staff of Faith Lutheran. The donors will be able to talk to the various people that they have been helping by donating to Faith Lutheran. They have impacted so many of the people who work here at Faith and now they may see them in person and be thanked for their generosity

These parties are just one of the ways Faith Lutheran wants to give back to it’s donors. Many of Faith’s supporters have given generously and  are always finding ways to help grow this  school. Faith Lutheran wants to thank these donors for all they have done for the growth of this school. The donaters know that they might not get much but they apreciate the parties that the school throws.

Donating to Faith Lutheran helps to grow and expand the campus to bring more people to Faith and more people to know Christ. The school hopes these events are a way of giving back to your for giving their money to Faith Lutheran.