Faith Lutheran’s Middle School and High School’s Production of ‘A Christmas Carol’


This is a photo of ‘A Chistamas Carol’ at the end of on end of one of the preformences.

Sophie Turner, staff writer

Faith Lutheran is a well rounded school and for the first time in history, Faith is putting on a middle school and high school joint play. The play chosen is the “A Christmas Carol” and the students that chose to participate are very excited to preform it and for people to see it.

“The Christmas Carol is about a man, named Ebenezer Scrooge, and he hates Christmas and everything that has to do with it. So, the day before Christmas he is visited by three ghosts, which are the ghost of Christmas past, present, and future, and they ultimately save him from his afterlife,” said high schooler, Chris May who plays Jacob Marley.

With this being the first middle school and high school play we asked music director, Mr. Ball, why the theater department chose to make this certain play the first.

“We chose Christmas Carol for two reasons. The first being the demands of the show since there is little kid characters in the play and we thought we should incorporate some little kids. The second reason is because of Christmas and the timing of the show, meaning it would have to be done in November or December, it would be easier to shovel the two plays in the first trimester into one play.”

This play has been talked about since it was announced that “A Christmas Carol” was going to be a Faith Lutheran play.

Many people are thrilled to be aprt of the play and to see it. However, if you aren’t convinced to see it. Here is what some of the cast said as to why you shold come and see the musical.

‘Since this play is a middle school and high school play it is something that audiences at Faith haven’t seen before; therefore, it will be a whole new experience. It will be a great time, fun for all ages, and it will get you into the Christmas spirit.’ says Jackson Langford, who plays Ebenezer Scrooge.

“A Christmas Carol’ is going to be full of christmas spirit, and has a poisitive message.