No Shave November “growing” on Students at Faith

Avery Collins , Staff Writer


This is a picture of the banner for the 2016 campaign. It features the organization logo and the slogan “Let It Grow.”

During the month of November, many people, including some teachers at Faith, participate in the charity of No Shave November or Movember.

No Shave November is a journey during the month of November, in which people do not shave their mustaches or beards. The money that typically could have been used for grooming purposes, is donated to the research charity, which is used to educate and guide patients with cancer. This event helps students learn to appreciate what they have while teaching them about this cause.

This year, over $1,108,967 has been donated by 28,860 members of the cause. Also, over 310 organizations have participated and donated to the unique charity, No Shave November. The rules for the event are to just put down your razor for thirty days and to donate your monthly hair care expenses to the cause and/or donate money.

At Faith Lutheran students and teachers have participated in this event in the past. Last year, the school hosted a contest where students would bring in money that would be donated to the No Shave November cause. When they reached a certain amount, students would be able to either decorate or cut beards of certain teachers throughout the entire month.

“I think we should do fundraisers for this event this year because it’s kind of fun to have a fundraiser if you tie in games,” said seventh grader Madison Pettigrew.

However, there are some students at Faith who have either never heard of or ever participated in the charity event.

“No I don’t know what No Shave November is,” said seventh grader Mia Budde, “I think it is where you don’t shave in November.”

During the month of November, students, teachers, and other people are allowed to participate in a unique charity that raises money to help aid and provide research for people that have cancer.