L.I.T. 3:16 Gives Students A Lesson In Faith


Photo by Owen Thompson

Students gather in Room 116 to discuss a devotional. The group explores new concepts in faith, and informs members of new ways to talk Gospel.

Owen Thompson, Editor

As of Monday, October 31, students at Faith Lutheran Middle School have a new way to express their faith, by way of a new faith group called L.I.T. 3:16. The group, whose name stands for Living in Truth, aims to share devotionals and help others in faith.

The group, the first of its kind at Faith Lutheran Middle School, began rather recently. According to group coordinator Mr. Pendley, a student felt “called by God“ to start the youth group, and he readily accepted the invitation to teach it. Since then, it has grown with each passing week, hosting anywhere from 12 to 20 members per meeting.

The group, at its meetings, focuses overall on its goals. Pendley remarked,

The overarching goal [of the group] is for those that come to grow in their love for Christ…”

— Mr. Pendley

grow in [their] understanding of His word, and grow in our craving for serving others, and sharing the Gospel.“

And, apparently, it’s working handily towards that goal. Member Ariana Floyd-Reading already feels the group important to her, because “the most important thing to me is God, and being able to serve Him.”

L.I.T. even plans, in time, to examine how we can serve others through a service event, which, per member Julien Misko, will be to “help poor animals, like the ones in animal shelters“

L.I.T. is even making waves in students’ overall faith lives, affecting the way they think about and worship God. Since it explores ways God impacts our lives, says member Julien Misko, “I’ve learned more about God, and my faith is changed a little bit from it.“

Pendley agrees that the group is affecting students for the better, stating that “they are  creating a holy discontent within the Faith Community,“ meaning, that the sheer fact that some choose to willingly give their time to the Word is unsettling to some. This, then, should lead to more curiosity and interest in the group, eventually leading to more memberships, potentially.

Though, according to Pendley, the group has no set goal in terms of member count; stating that “[they] do not measure their success based on numbers.”

L.I.T. 3:16 meets weekly, during the lunch period of that week’s first Maroon day. Attendees can recieve a pass to leave lunch early prior to lunch from Mr. Pendley.