Veterans Day

Olivia Truman, Staff writer

Veterans Day, the day were we look back at the people we have lost or are lucky to still have, because they fought to serve for our country. Kids today may know the background of the holiday, but do they really know the true meaning of Veterans Day.

“Do you know what Veterans Day is, and if so why is it important to you,” asked the Reporter.

“Veterans Day is a day were you have to celebrate all the people who went to war and fought for our country. I think it`s really important that we all appreciate how important it is that we can have the freedom,” replied 7th grade student Paige Truman.

“Why is Veterans Day celebrated and what is the importance of the holiday.”

“Veterans Day is celebrated, well I don’t really know why, but I do know that its really, really important and it big part of how we celebrate our freedom and how lucky we are that we get to live here,” again answered Paige Truman.

People all over the world, have a parent or sibling serving, and those fighting wont be able to make it to Thankgiving dinners. Veterans, living and past have done so much to change and shape our communities today. Veterans Day is a day fo all, and this holiday is what we have to remenber and love the people who died for your lives.