Faith Lutheran Wants Hockey


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This is a picture of the Las Vegas T Mobile ice area, where the Veags Golden Knights are going to have their hockey games.

Jack Edlin , Staff Writer

Will Faith Lutheran have a Hockey team someday? Hockey is quickly going to spread all over the city of Las Vegas because we are getting an NHL team named the “Vegas Golden Knights.” After the Las Vegas Wranglers hockey crashed, Bill Foley still  strives to make Vegas a hockey town. Faith should take advantage of this opportunity of having a hockey team.

You might be thinking, Faith doesn’t have many hockey players, so it wouldn’t make any sense to have a hockey team without any players. Well, in a recent survey it shows that roughly 10 percent of students at Faith play hockey. “The school has many other sport teams, and a lot of students want hockey,” said Summer Sun. As you can see, hockey isn’t the most popular sport, but it is interesting. “We have enough interest without the NHL team, it just takes talent, coaches, and facilities,” said Mr. Fredrick.

Who would the Faith Lutheran Hockey team play? Currently, Las Vegas doesn’t have a hockey league, but there are a lot of house leagues throughout Nevada. The hockey team could join a league in California or Arizona and maybe even Utah. There are many options outside of Las Vegas which might require a lot of travel.

Would Faith have the funds for an ice arena and a zamboni? The cost of an ice arena and a zamboni is very expensive. To make back some of the money, Faith could charge admission, and have open skate. But, Faith will most likely not have the funds, or even the land to build on. Faith might be able to make a deal with Mr. Brooks the President of Las Vegas Ice Center. This would open up an cheaper opportunity, and the hockey team would have a place to practice and have games.

A lot of students would vouch for having a hockey team. As it showed in our survey, nearly seventy two percent of students thought having a hockey team was a great idea. If Faith got an ice rink, you could hang out with your friends at public skate, and you could even join the hockey team. There are many different options to choose from. Almost all of them will benefit the school and students in a very positive way.